Integral Builders
Magnolia Gardens
Project Requirements
On 4.6 acres of undeveloped land in Riverside County CA, design a 158 unit residential condominium complex for active seniors. The project should include a mix of one and two bedroom units, parking for 201 vehicles, and both indoor and outdoor recreational facilities.
Project Solution
Three and four stories high, the masses of the buildings are separated into three wings attached by a linear spine of on grade parking over which are placed two additional levels of housing.   The connection and circulation points between the residential "wing" buildings to the "spine" building are designed to be gathering areas for the community.   All indoor recreation spaces are located there. Outdoor areas are also accessed through these nodes which are further divided into an "active" courtyard with a swimming pool and a "passive" courtyard with garden paths.   All units have outdoor decks or terraces overlooking the landscape. In progress