Gower Street Apartments
Project Requirements
Renovate an abandoned building and convert it to fifty studio apartments. The programmatic concern for the project was to develop a residential community with appropriate services which would allow adults with mental disabilities to live independently. The primary design challenge was to find and configure space to satisfy the client's program within the constraints of an existing structure and limited budget typical to serviced enriched affordable housing development.
A Community of Friends
Project Solution
The new floor plan single loads the units along a loggia adjacent an entry courtyard. Bridges on the upper floors connect the two wings of the building, thereby simplifying circulation and privatizing the courtyard for the residents' communal use. All units have views off the property as well as to the courtyard. The rear of the property was excavated to create a sunken courtyard with access and natural light to a basement community room. The portions of the building between the two courtyards accommodate additional community facilities such as lobby, meeting rooms, laundries, and garden sun deck. Year completed: 1997