Tom Lee Inc.
Blessed Rock of El Monte
Project Requirements
Design affordable housing for elderly residents of modest means on 3.5 acres of land in the City of El Monte, California. Provide 137 one bedroom apartments, one onsite manager's unit, and assorted common spaces. Opportunities for both passive and active recreation must be included for the residents. Respond to both the traditional Hispanic culture and recently arrived Asian immigrant cultures existing in the community.
Project Solution
The design centers around the idea that senior citizens feel more comfortable in environments which provide security without making them isolated from the community at large. They require space for programs that challenge the physical and emotional passivity that may accompany seniority. A village of two and three story tile roofed cottages is organized around a central "mall," which incorporates a number of activities such as shuffle board, bocci ball, and tai chi. Penetrating the "mall" is an exercise trail connecting the different landscapes dispersed throughout the site. The complex includes two community centers located at opposite ends of the "mall." The formal "kiss and ride" entrance includes a veranda overlooking the street intersection. Year completed: 1997