1. Conceptual Design. The Conceptual Design phase includes the analysis of the site and/or existing building, the program requirements, appropriate codes, and pertinent regulations. We explore various design alternatives and present the client with a ‘wish list’ of design directions.

2. Schematic Design. Following the selection of a design direction, we begin a Schematic Design, in which the design is informed by and revised based on the input of all parties involved, including Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Sound and Lighting consultants. Along with the design ideas, we prepare preliminary budgets, priorities, and schedules to set the scope of the overall project. The Schematic Design is refined until it meets all appropriate requirements and approval.

3. Design Development. After finalizing the Schematic Design, we develop a Final Design for the project.. At this point, we secure all prelimarily agencies’ approvals including lenders’ requirements. The design is finalized with the selection of specifric materials, colors, textures, and finishes. At this stage, we also obtain preliminary construction cost estimates to ensure the continued feasibility of the project.

4. Construction Documents. Based on the approved Final Design, we produce Construction Documents, which comprise necessary instructions for contractors’ bidding and subsequent construction. Hatch-Colasuonno takes pride in our Peer Review method for quality control of this phase.

5. Bidding and Negotiation. We help to prepare all necessary forms for bidding and assist in the selection of contractors. We also review any contract documents, cost estimates and, in general, any other documentation pertinent to the start of construction of the project.

6. Construction Observation. After the General Contractor is selected, we help to finalize contract negotiations until commencement of construction. After construction start-up, we administer the construction contract, certify payments, review any change orders, review changes of means or materials, review and approve shop drawings, and provide construction observation until the project is ready to be occupied.