We like to believe that our work serves as a catalyst for the cacophony of voices present in our environment. Our projects are based on dialogues occurring within the current cultural context, the historical context, the three dimensionality of our material world, and the nature of the specific purpose of the project at hand. Architecture can then become the harmonious synergy of all of these voices.

HATCH COLASUONNO STUDIO is a Los Angeles based architecture and planning firm. Our studio is composed of two professional staff with many specifically specialized consultants. Formed twenty-three years ago with the idea that the synergy created by the principals' efforts together would lead to high quality work, the studio has evolved a methodology of design which produces extremely fast and efficient response to design tasks.

Work from our studio includes design for both profit and non-profit developers, institutions and private organizations. Experienced in both new construction and rehabilitation construction, we have been especially focused on special needs housing with related support services, hospitality design, institutional and educational, and commercial projects.